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Grace is a tech entrepreneur, angel investor, neuro-artist, and international speaker specializing in de-risking startups, innovation ecosystems, and creative uses of emerging technology. Grace is a Partner at Lean Venture Partners, one of China's first AI pre-accelerator, Co-Founder of, a platform that guides entrepreneurs to get from idea to product/market fit, and Co-Founder of Lean Startup Machine, a global entrepreneurship education workshop that’s helped over 200,000 people in 64 countries turn their ideas into viable new startups. She’s been a mentor and advisor to many startups, an innovation coach for Fortune 500s, a guest speaker at The U.S. White House, and a guest lecturer at Ivy League Universities.

Through her work, she has a global view on the barriers to innovation and human potential. As an artist, Grace develops interactive experiences to elevate consciousness and empower action using technologies like EEG sensors, VR, and AI. She has been invited to exhibit at MIT, Stanford University, China Fashion Week, Shanghai Tower, Singapore, and other cities, where government officials and the public were introduced to the possibilities of neuroscience and emerging technologies through her art.

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Known for founding Lean Startup Machine, the world's leading entrepreneur education workshop that's helped 200K people in 64 countries learn the skills to test demand of new business ideas. The startup tools and curriculum she's developed is now used by accelerators and universities worldwide. Learn more


Partner at Lean Venture Partners, a new type of fund helping founders get from idea to product/market fit. LVP partners with funds, companies and universities to de-risk and prove out business models of early-stage startups to increase their success. Currently partnered with Google to invest in AI startups in China. Grace is also an advisor and mentor for startups at Chinaccelerator SOSV, Transformative Tech Academy, and WeWork. Learn more


Grace creates interactive art experiences to elevate human consciousness and introduce scientific concepts using emerging technologies like EEG sensors, VR, and AI. In her brain art installation, MindPaint, generate paintings that react to your mental state. Exhibited at MIT, China Fashion Week, Shanghai Tower, Dubai, and Singapore.

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